Happy New Year

Last night I dreamt that I was staring at myself through three windows: one was bright and empty, one was dark and drawn, and one was dimly lit.

I could make out a shadowed figure in the third window, her eyes were shut but she seemed calm, poised, even hopeful. I believe the first window is a reflection of my future: it’s bright but mysterious, and vast but holds endless possibility.

The second represents my past: my past troubles and fears, my past mistakes, and especially my past with you.

The third window is a glimpse of the fleeting moment we call now.

Not only do I have choices and aspirations, but I also know truth. I know respect, honesty, patience, diligence, and I know unconditional love. I’ve learned that the world keeps moving no matter how hard you try to make it stop. Scum today will be scum tomorrow, but you can either choose to engage or to walk away.

I hope you find the courage this New Year to walk away from the things or the people that stifle your capacity for love. And to those that lift you up, let your gratitude be heard. May those feelings of regret and sorrow and jealousy die with the last “I should have stood up for myself.” And maybe that second window will even start to look a bit brighter next year.

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