Thinking about going Vegan? Watch Earthlings.

DISCLAIMER: This. Is. Important.

If you only choose to read one post from my blog, I hope it’s this one.

Ignorance has only prevailed so long, only because people don’t want to know the truth. -Earthlings

It’s 1:13 am, and I’m laying in bed crying while watching Earthlings.

Some may say documentaries like these are too hard to watch… and you’re damn right, they’re hard to watch. But more the reason to watch them. They’re graphic, heartbreaking, and show vile acts of man. Acts that billions of people support every day by purchasing animals products to consume and to use for their own pleasure.

“The systematic torture of sentient beings, whatever the pretext, and in whatever form, cannot achieve anything more than it already has: to show us, “what is the lowest point of debasement man can reach?” If that’s what we want to know.” -Earthlings

I turned vegetarian in November after taking a Science of Sustainability class at my university.

I’d watched documentaries on livestock and slaughterhouses before, but I had never educated myself on its environmental impacts. I cannot stress enough how important it is to educate yourself on how and where your food is coming from. We are all shareholders to this earth. Every living being feels pain and suffering, so why are we purposely inflicting that onto others? Is that not comparable to a holocaust fueled by racism and superiority?

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.” -Earthlings

Please watch this documentary (amongst many others). I’d be surprised if you could still tell me you’d never give up eating meat. I’m passionate about being a vegetarian, and I’m currently educating myself on veganism. I also feel amazing now that I’ve tapered my diet to benefit all beings involved.

Please shoot me a message if you have questions or just want to learn more about my journey.

🌙❤️ Love to all, to all, to all.

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