Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Vegan. Chocolate. Pudding.

Just wow. Dessert for breakfast, anyone?

If you’re craving the sweetness of pudding, but don’t want to consume those processed fats and sugars, this is the perfect solution for you. And it’s only made out of four ingredients!

  • 1 Banana: Make sure it’s a ripe RIPE banana. I stress the word ripe because bananas should be eaten when they’re all spotty, not when they’re perfectly yellow. Although there have been recent articles advocating for the consumption of green bananas, that’s not what we want for this recipe. The riper and softer the banana, the more creamy your pudding will be.
  • 1 Avocado: Depending on your preference, half an avocado could be sufficient. The main purpose of the avocado is to aid in the emulsion process and add a bit more texture to the pudding. Avocados generally don’t have much noticeable flavor to them either… so don’t be afraid!
  • Cacao Powder: Cacao is an ancient plant that has been used by South Americans for thousands of years. It comes from the cacao bean and is reminiscent of chocolate. Super pungent, super pure, super chocolatey.
  • Coconut Sugar: I’m using coconut sugar in this recipe because I didn’t want to water down the pudding with maple syrup. Coconut sugar, as opposed to honey or basic sugar, is lower in fructose and has a lower glycemic index (won’t spike your blood sugar).

Blend all these ingredients together, and there you have it! Vegan chocolate avocado pudding! Bet you didn’t guess there was avocado in it…

I topped my pudding off with some oats, Trader Joe’s Super Seed Blend, and frozen raspberries. Hope you enjoy this tasty and easy recipe!

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