Earth Day Musings

Oh, my lovely earthlings. How I adore this day when all eyes turn to Pachamama and we give just a little (or a lot) back for all we have.

If you’re wondering what you can do today, just remember that every effort counts no matter how small it may seem. The butterfly effect, as many call it, began just a few years ago and is responsible for shaping who I am today. Before I watched Cowspiracy, before the courses on sustainability, and even before my undying urge to save this planet, I started off small. By eating vegan for one day. Just one day.

Never in a million years did I think I could give up meat.

I craved the catharsis found from eating the many forms of animals. Besides, it was so ingrained in my culture and upbringing. The behavior that changed within me was not sudden. It was and still is a learning process that is motivated by a deep empathy for other beings and life itself. While yoga, meditation, plant-based eating, and other spiritual practices have expanded my understanding of the union between body, mind, and soul, it’s the desire to help others and preserve natural resources that have kept this flame alive.

You don’t have to be a vegan to participate in Earth Day. You can plant a tree, go on a walk, move your yoga practice outdoors, join in community events, or simply smile and express gratitude for the sun. But once you start, that one day can be stretched into weeks, months, years, and even generations catalyzed by one seemingly minuscule decision you made forever ago.

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