i’m happiest when I’m pantsless, barefooted

i’m happiest when I’m pantsless, barefooted

in the sand, munching away on vegetables, and thinking about how much I have. living in pure abundance. harvesting that energy.

sharing my love and light with others and basking in that interchange. looking someone in the eyes and saying “i love you” and “i see you”. and no amount of hatred or greed or jealousy in this world can puncture the heart of a pure soul.

as i sit here listening to stories of fellow earthlings, i feel a surge of inspiration radiating through my body: to revisit the vegan way of life, to reconnect with the earth and sun and moon in a way that cannot be so easily forgotten, to realign my path in a way that serves everyone in the best way possible.

here i sit: on the brink of something new.

i’ve just finished schooling (for now) and I have this flashy degree, but what I crave lies so far beyond that threshold.

i want to change the world.

i want to feed into a system of love and abundance.

i am love and i have everything i need within me.

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