10 Things You Might Not Know About Me


  1. Bees are my worst fear. Spiders, I’m okay with. No, really. They look scary but they can’t fly in zig-zags around you while buzzing in your ear and threatening to prick you with their butts. Anyone watch American Horror Story Cult, haha?
  2. I’m trying to become a minimalist. I already have a fairly basic cleansing/skincare/beauty regimen but I’d like to start becoming less dependent on having so many things. Simple is sometimes better than excess. 
  3. I get cold super easily. Even though my body may feel warm, my extremities are always freezing. In the winter time, you can find me wearing fuzzy socks and piling electric blankets on myself as I attempt to sweat myself to death.
  4. For that reason (and much more), June is my favorite month. It’s also my birthday month!
  5. The only time I’ve ever lived next to the beach, despite my California girl demeanor, was during a few stints down in San Diego this past year and in Santa Barbara living with my boyfriend for a couple weeks at a time.
  6. That being said, I’ve never surfed! I’m actually off-and-on terrified of swimming in the ocean. I can do it. I’ve done it before. But there’s something fishy about diving into a wave and hoping that you don’t get swept up by the undertow. 
  7. I studied abroad in Rome my junior year of college. It was my escape from the otherwise mundane world (to me) of New England.
  8. I have 10 piercings! The most I’ve ever had is 13, but some of them just had to go.
  9. I have a bad habit of not finishing books. For some reason, once I get close to the end I tend to just put the book down and never pick it back up. I’ve tried Kindles but I prefer paperback novels. I also just think I enjoy change too much.
  10. My older sister is probably the reason I’m not completely insane. She has a good head on her shoulders and I often call her my anchor.

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