What Two Full Moons In January Signifies


January 1st began with the “Full Wolf Moon” as we exited 2017 and welcomed the new era with a full embrace. Traditionally on the first day of the new year, we cleanse our home, mind, body, and spirit, while purging stale energy from our vessels. At the apex of the moon’s cycle, we celebrate the fullness and abundance of life’s gifts and the cyclical nature of the planetary movements. It’s not uncommon for people to attend full moon ceremonies, where friends and family gather around bonfires or dimly lit homes to cherish the moments of emotional attunement. Writing phrases or words on paper and burning it to heighten the cleansing is also a popular tradition. I’ve even taken my crystals out to recharge against the glimmer of the moon’s rays–something that is more symbolic for me than anything.

As the month progresses, the light that the moon reflects edges closer and closer to darkness, representing the closing of yet another time period used as an anchor for our lives. For some, those early resolutions are carried out with a burning frenzy as people begin to read books, take fitness classes, start a juice cleanse, and spend more time with quality friends. The moon, while constantly in a state of flux, reminds us that no matter where we are in the world there is always a greater force to fasten ourselves to when we see fit. The availability of this extraterrestrial orb sends us on a rampant age of self-questioning, discovery and interpretation.

Following the darkness that swallows the sky whole, a sliver of light beckons us back towards the gravitational shift of the tides. While we rarely see the moon’s figure during these weeks due to its stately dance against the sun’s orbit, the fullness of its ring returns to fuel our infatuation with the night sky. The month’s second full moon on January 31st is a lunar eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius axis:

As we work on healing our wounds of disconnection and nurture the feminine principle in all creation, we create our world anew. Chad Woodward says, “Much like this Supermoon/Eclipse itself, be mindful of overhyped exaggerations… But if you believe in whatever you’re putting out there, trust this lunation’s call to confidently step up… it supplies auspicious peak energy.” Cathy Pagano shares that the Eclipse “invites us to discover our own unique heart skills which we can contribute to our collective culture… Women are especially called to add our voices and imaginations to help heal our cultural wounds, while men are called to defend what is true, beautiful and good in the world.” –Mystic Mamma

As the moon runs its course towards its apex once again, the time arrives to set intentions for the upcoming months. The second full moon could not have come at a better time. Perhaps somewhere between the 1st and the 30th, we’ve deviated beyond our intended path and forgotten the pieces we deemed necessary to living a wholesome life. Journaling, meditating, or communicating with loved ones allows us to mentally and vocally bring awareness to our personal goals and aspirations. As a result, closure for the first month of the new year comes in the form of a rare double-full moon.

Take what you wish from this mystical transaction and align to a greater power beyond our realm.


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