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Night time is sacred for me.

As a self-proclaimed night owl, I have always savored the moments when most have gone to bed and the moon begins its climb to meet the stars. Between the hours of 9 and 1 is when I find myself tapping away vigorously at my laptop or immersed in a painting I started earlier that day. And when it comes to bed time rituals, I’ll admit I have become well versed in the art of self-care.

Ever since I moved into my own one-bedroom apartment, I’ve been blessed with many hours of solitude coupled with the freedom to set the room ablaze with amber candlelight. And you can bet I am taking full advantage.

On nights like tonight, after a long and rewarding hike with a good friend, I returned to my silent getaway and finally felt a downy wave of welcoming peacefulness. Blame it on the retrograde, full moon, new moon, ovulation, or eclipse, a full and entire upheaval of my 24th ride around the sun is in order. And to offset some of that pent up energy, I’ve decided to document some of the rituals I do to unwind. Join me, if you will.

  1. Comfort.

    Remove the clothes you’ve worn all day, the ones that reek of stale energy and stiff limbs.

    In the summertime, I absolutely love wandering around au natural. It reminds me that the facade I’ve been donning all day is temporary, and that the most important part of this world is tucked away underneath spandex and denim.

  2. Steep.

    Brew up something warm, something that heals you from the inside out.

    My favorites include Yogi Tea’s Kava Tea (consult a doctor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding) and any sort of Sleepytime Tea. Currently, I have Yogi Tea’s Caramel Bedtime Tea steeping in my ‘Namaste’ mug.

  3. Light.

    Set the mood with candles, incense, sage, or Palo Santo.

    I am absolutely intoxicated by the scent of freshly burnt Palo Santo (sacred wood from Peru), which is typically used to energetically cleanse rooms and people. I always turn on my Himalayan salt lamp, which casts a lovely pink-orange glow. Setting the ambiance for a good night’s rest is essential for peaceful sleep, especially if you have trouble falling asleep or insomnia. Smell is a powerful indicator for memory and mood, so find a scent you love and fill your home with it.

  4. Cleanse.

    Wash any dishes that may be laying around from dinner, sort that stack of loose papers that’s been eyeing you for weeks, or put away your clean laundry.

    It’s not that I’m a clean freak, but I do feel like cleaning the night before sets you up for the following day. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up to a spotless kitchen or bedroom. While you’re at it, take a shower too! I’m totally a night time shower-er as well, so this is just as therapeutic as meditation.

  5. Unwind.

    Read a book, sketch, journal, stretch, meditate, sing, or simply just be.

    It is so easy for us to neglect our creative spirit after a day of being on-on-on. Try picking something that doesn’t require your smartphone, laptop, or television. I know its tough and if that’s how you unwind, then more power to you! I’ve been buried in Dr. Brian Weiss’ saga of novels (life changing) and also clearing out the photos on my phone (wayyy too many). Journaling before bed is also a perfect way of wrapping up the day while reflecting on what you liked, weren’t so fond of, and how you’re reaching your goals.

That’s pretty much it for tonight. My unwind routine is subject to change depending on the weather, my hormones, my boyfriend, and the location of the moon on any given night.


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