10 Lessons

I woke up this morning at my boyfriend’s fairytale cabin in Yosemite, dusted with snow and fragments of golden light, and felt a surge of inspiration to document my revelations. Halfway through February, and I can’t help but think that Life has purposefully pushed me to my edge to watch me break, to molt, to expand. ⁣

I’m the same person. Just more understanding of my desires, my abilities, my purpose. Things can change that quickly. Life can be exactly what you want it to be. I have always, and will always, be on my way. ⁣

Sometimes we all must be reminded once more of our own inner wisdom. Here are just 10 “lessons” or epiphanies I’ve uncovered over these past two months, what’s worked for me:⁣

  1. Life is easier digested one breath at a time. ⁣
  2. Expectation is the root of perfectionism. ⁣
  3. Tune in, make a decision, plan your attack, and submerge yourself. You are your only barrier of limiting beliefs. ⁣
  4. Your reality begins with your self-talk. Gentle words and unconditional love breed sacred blooms. ⁣
  5. It’s okay— no, it’s imperative— to own your mental health. These things take time to heal. Start now. ⁣
  6. Everything changes, whether you’re prepared for it or not. Allow things and people to go with grace. What is meant for you will reappear at the right time. ⁣
  7. Trust, nurture, and send gratitude towards your inner circle of supporters and expanders. They are the ones laying bricks alongside you. ⁣
  8. Everyone is on their own path. Judgment has no home here. Self-righteousness has no home here. ⁣
  9. Listen to the serendipitous pings life sends you. There are more ways than words to communicate alignment and misalignment. ⁣
  10. You are more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Believe that you are a manifestation of divinity. ⁣

    I love you. You can find your happiness. You can find connection. You will align. ✨⁣

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