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Severus Snape in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

From my very first recollection of reality, I had always known that I was being nurtured, pampered, and molded into a particular person my parents had in mind for me. Not just an image, but a entire person, aspirations and all.

As with many youngsters, I spent the majority of my childhood in school. There was regular school, and then there was Chinese school, art class, chess class, golf camp, tennis camp, soccer camp, and swim lessons. Essentially, I was thrown into a hobby or sport to see what stuck.

It’s true, I excelled at golf, but what really stuck with me was art, through and through. I wanted to be a fashion designer, a makeup artist, a freelance artist of any kind. But when it came time to decide which university to attend, the big flashing “B” of Business School glared at me with foreshadowing intensity. So I went to school for Marketing and found ways to nurture my creativity through writing, poetry, and dance. My passion for artistry in 2D collages and sculptures manifested in every careful word I wrote and the way I moved throughout my world. But I still felt I was a stranger in my own skin.

“Was this really what I wanted? Is this truly who I am?”

Those words have lingered in reflective moments ever since I was that youngster trying to find pieces of myself in various hobbies. So I took a leap of Faith and enrolled in a Master’s degree for Human Computer Interaction. I landed myself a contract job researching cognitive behavior at one of the largest social media platforms around today. And I absolutely cherished it, at least for a little while.

When it came time to decide whether I stay or leave, I chose to leave. Not because of the company or the work, but because I felt my dreams and aspirations had been put on hold my entire life. People seldom have the opportunity to truly chase their dreams or intentionally run towards them. Mostly, they’re seen as side hustles or hobbies to keep them motivated in their lackluster realities. But I wanted to live in my dreams.

And so, The LifeofKare Podcast was artfully crafted.

Taking my experience in interviewing musicians and research participants, I wanted to create a platform for pioneers in the health and wellness industry to share their story. To make it easier for people working full-time jobs, and/or caring for a family, and/or paying off debt, and/or nurturing side hustles to thoughtfully care for themselves and their dreams. The wellness world can be a scary place for those who only see it as cardboard tasting superfoods and hour long meditations. Because I’ve lived on both sides of the wellness spectrum, my intention is to equip the masses with meaningful, sustainable, and lasting solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

Beyond this project I’ve started, I will also be traveling the world indefinitely, or at least until I’ve run out of savings. Working remotely is truly a game changer, giving me freedom to connect and create from anywhere around the globe.

Thank you for your support thus far, and I hope you enjoy the LifeofKare Podcast. I’ll be launching on all podcast platforms in just a few weeks, so please stay tuned.

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