Hello, October

Ah yes, the return of pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that. So much so that your entire meal becomes one conglomeration of pumpkin spice– and you didn’t even like it that much to begin with.

This post is about welcoming Fall with grace and ease, something I’ve professedly failed at in previous years.

I’m a Summer baby. I thrive in scalding heat, tan lines, and ice cold glasses of Pino Grigio. So yes, Fall often seems like a major buzzkill. But it’s important to remember that Mother Earth needs naps too. She’s been working overtime to provide more than enough for her ungrateful inhabitants, and the least we can do is not b*tch and moan about her six month slumber.

So in the meantime, I’m writing lists to keep me occupied. Intentions, as many a Spiritualist would say. A list of all the things I wish to attract or manifest this month, and a list of all the things I lovingly release. With so much travel and socializing, September scattered my energy a bit more than I would have liked. So, now’s my time to retract and recalibrate.

October Intentions

I attract/manifest:

  • Abundance in love (sister souls who form my tribe), finances, comfort (welcoming Fall with gratitude), and joy
  • Purpose in my livelihood.
    • Connecting meaningfully through The LifeofKare Podcast, growing each episode to 100+ downloads, and work 2-3 weeks in advance of scheduled release
    • Develop skills in UX, including Sketch and prototyping tools. Add to portfolio and design regularly.

I lovingly release:

  • Limiting beliefs.
  • I forgive.
  • Closure.
  • Moving on.

And that’s it. Easy, right? I’ve also created a Moodboard to accompany my newfound appreciation for the season that kicks off hibernation.

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