holiday gifts for sustainability and personal growth

taking a look at the gifts i gave and received over the holidays, i want to share a few items that accentuate the sustainable and introspective lifestyle i’m striving for. the reason this is being posted after the holidays is because it’s more important to capture the thoughts, reactions, and first-hand experiences of each item rather than speculate about it. here’s a general idea of what my 2021 goals revolve around:

  • creating a plastic-free beauty and health routine, from supplements to skincare
  • diminishing waste while collecting items that truly add value
  • focusing on self-care practices that allow me to stick to goals and accomplish them
  1. “claim your power” workbook
  2. magic of i vegan leather pocket journal

i picked up this book, “claim your power,” by mastin kipp a few months ago and embarked on my 40-day journey to revealing my trauma and finding purpose in my life. it was such a powerful experience that i wanted to pay it forward and gift a copy to my closest friends and family. in short, the book covers 40-days of trauma-informed exercises that unveil the parts of yourself that are held back from living your spark.

i paired each copy with a mini vegan leather journal from the “magic of i,” a smaller version of the one i’ve been using. they’re beautiful, celestial notebooks that live up to the contents of its pages.

3. byhumankind refillable deodorant

4. agent nateur acid wash and holi (bath) soak

5. quip refillable floss pick

i’ve been looking for plastic-free alternatives to my beauty routine, so i had to try this refillable deodorant. although the package is still plastic, each refill is shipped in it’s own sleeve without the container. it took me about a year to finish my last deodorant, but i was deeply disappointed when i had to toss a perfectly good container upon completion. i’ll stick with this one from byhumankind for now until i can find one made of glass…or metal…on second thought.

i tried a few samples of agent nateur products and fell in love with their acid wash and holi oils. my sister gifted me the face wash, along with a lovely rose-scented bath soak. they use all-nature products that exude luxury and quality, and they’re a woman-owned business. i wish these weren’t packaged in plastic, but it was too beautiful to pass up!

another gift from my sister (she knows me so well) is the refillable flosser from quip. i have their toothbrush and floss container already, so this was an awesome addition to the collection. it’s a floss pick for when you’re on the go and includes a little mirror too. a great stocking stuffer.

6. the nue prebiotic + probiotic, debloat+, the pill, and magnesium ease spray

i’ve been hearing about the nue for a few months now (from ads and influencers alike) and lagged on trying out their products while i finished the supplements i already had. what sold me was their packaging. not only are the jars made of glass, but each monthly refill comes in a recyclable bag. that means no more tossing out empty jars every month! can you tell what my pet peeve is? the nue prebiotic + probiotic is clinically tested and has been proven to reduce symptoms of ibs.

7. self ceremony herbal smokes, jade comb

i’ve been a long standing fan of self ceremony because of their focus on deepening the connection with the self. their herbal smokes are a tantalizing blend of herbs, pre-rolled and served up for your convenience. the company was kind enough to refill my empty bottle and gift me a jade comb. i’m in love with the emphasis towards slowing down and creating ceremony around beauty and wellness. use my code “karenwang” for 10% off your order.

8. corkboard for dream boarding

dream boarding is a sure-fire way to kick your new years resolutions into high gear. it’s something you can create and recreate throughout the year and have displayed in a central location. i gifted my sister a cork board to print out her favorite photos and pin them up. manifestation starts with the creation of something real. here’s a sneak peak at my goals for 2021. i purchased this board on amazon.

9. fine art jigsaw puzzle by cary fagan

my sister is something like a minimalist. she detests waste, admires beautiful things, and has a very specific style. in other words, she’s difficult to buy gifts for. i decided to go with a fine art jigsaw puzzle by the photographer and artist, cary fagan. he has prints, puzzles, books, and goods available on his site created from his visionary work. bonus: a portion of each purchase goes towards black girls code. happy to support black-owned businesses.

and there you have it! nine things that are perfect gifts to kickstart your wellness journey and rediscover the power within you. i hope this guide gave you a few ideas for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, or housewarming gifts.

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