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as we commemorate 5,000 unique downloads for the “LifeofKare” podcast, i’d like to take a moment to revisit some of the highest played episodes of all time. for transparency, for celebration, for a fun little rumination. the results are in!

  1. Speech Pathology and Channeling Your Authentic Inner Voice with Olivia Noceda

491 downloads | october 18, 2019 | olivia noceda

speech pathologist, olivia noceda, opens up about striking a balance between the requirements of her career and the authenticity behind creating content for social media. she discusses the realities of hard work, sacrifice, and self-care.

what a joy it was to have olivia on the show! we had only just met through social media and instantly hit it off. at the time, olivia was a speed pathologist juggling her love of wellness and travel content creation. following our conversation in 2019, olivia has now transitioned to becoming a full-time content creator focusing on lifestyle, mental health, travel, cooking, skincare, and so much more.

2. Honoring the Journey Out of Depression Through Ayahuasca with Kayla Nielsen

452 downloads | october 28, 2019 | kayla nielsen

when neither yoga, meditation, acupuncture, emdr, talk therapy, nor fasting could heal the crippling effects of her depression, kayla nielsen turned to the healing powers of plant medicine ayahuasca. in this episode, she recounts her steadfast journey to understanding the meaning of life.

it looks like nearly 500 people have been interested in learning about kayla’s journey with the ancient medicine, ayahuasca. i’m deeply honored to have been able to host this episode talking about the trials and tribulations of depression. kayla is now pouring her heart into her retreat centers and her very own podcast.

3. Reaching Equilibrium Through Ayurvedic Medicine with Martha Soffer of Surya Spa

338 downloads | november 2, 2019 | martha soffer

martha soffer, owner of surya spa, speaks about the ancient tradition of ayurvedic medicine— lifestyle, environment, and detox (panchakarma). when we bring awareness back to our bodies, we’re then able to self-regulate our doshas (vatta, pitta, kapha) and live in a state of harmony. we chat about accessible preventative methods for everyone like self-massage, enemas, and eating a vegan diet.

the lovely martha soffer graced the podcast with her knowledge on ayurvedic medicine and the offerings of surya spa. i had the pleasure of visiting the spa several months ago in los angeles, where i was immediately entranced by the amber hues and earthy aromas. in our current political climate, it’s no wonder over 300 listeners wanted to hear about balancing their lifestyles and detoxing.

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