dear 2022

dear 2022,

i’m so ready for you. your predecessor, 2021, was pretty gnarly. sure, i learned a ton— i always do— but 2021 taught me even harder lessons. lessons i didn’t think i’d have to face just yet.

2020 was insane. the world fell into chaos amidst a pandemic and life stopped in its tracks. 2021, however, felt like the long thawing of winter that never came. because it had already been an entire year of distancing, of masking up, of this “new normal” and now there weren’t any excuses anymore. work from home, take care of yourself, expand your mindset but continue to fear the unknown. set goals and dream big but don’t be upset if you don’t reach them. you’re seriously buying a home in this market? you must be insane. how do you begin to convey how deeply you hurt to a world that is already bleeding? i feel bad for being selfish, i unsubscribe from newsletters, i recede to my work desk because it’s safer there.
and yet, 2021 was the year i fell in love harder than i ever have.

the silver lining to an unfulfilling year (professional and aspiration-wise) was choosing to experience the undulating flow of love. and let me tell you, i had a grand time. hiding out from the world became exponentially more entertaining with a partner. and venturing out, timid but awake, allowed me the honor of sleeping under the stars in the desert, watching many of your sunsets, having the best food of my life, and dancing until my feet ached. i didn’t publish another poetry book, i didn’t record weekly podcast episodes, i didn’t find a new job, i didn’t seek spiritual guidance as much, i didn’t even work out more than three times a week like i thought i would. but i did have so much fun. i can’t remember if i’ve ever laughed so hard with someone, about so many things. my inner child got a chance to play again and i worked hard to stop speaking poorly about myself. so many new experiences granted me so many life lessons. and guess what, i’m still physically, mentally, emotionally fit. i enjoy the moment. i play dress up. i can still be alone without feeling lonely. i can create things without monetizing it.

so 2022, i’m ready to turn the page on 2021 and see what lessons, love, hardship, surprise, and wonder you have in store for me. i don’t want to tell you that you’ll be “the year” because i think every year is “the year”. but you’re a beautiful chonky even number and i’ll be taking everything i learned from 2021 to greet you. i’m turning 28 this year (feeling great), leaning into my artwork, honoring my boundaries, fostering home in people and places, and continuing to seek joy, passion, and purpose in my everyday. and even if i still don’t do all the things i set out to do, i’ll love myself all the same. just like you arrived at the perfect time, so will everything i’ve ever known.

love, karen

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